Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today I decided to take a gander at all of my old FTFK videos. Ya know, watch through them and what not. And aside from the obvious physical and hair changes, it became clear that my life has completely altered since I started FTFK.

Call me dumb, but I consider my previous relationship a large chunk of my life. And I feel like my life, due to it's shortness in length, is broken up into three parts. Before said relationship, during, and after. Right now, I'm in the after, and everything is okay. I wouldn't say they're better or worse, but they certainly are different.

I say this because while I was watching my videos sporadically and in no particular order I caught myself saying in my head, "Oh, this was during." Or "This was afterwards." I also noticed that throughout 2012, I think I've made like five FTFK videos, and this whole "afterwards" issue is what's to blame. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I lost myself for a while, and I didn't feel that that was the best time to be making videos, so I'm sorry I've missed so much.

So much has happened this year so far, and it's only half over. I hope that next time my life decides to make some changes, it doesn't do it all at once. Because sure, I've made it out okay, but I didn't expect to.

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